Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Best of March 2014

The first quarter of the year is gone. Time flies. Click through on any photo for more details.

1. And the Rain Fell And the Rain Fell

2. The Morning Road The Morning Road

3. A Quiet Moment A Quiet Moment

4. She Listens She Listens

5. Inside the Dome Inside the Dome

6. Capital Blossoms Capital Blossoms

7. Blossoms Bright Blossoms Bright

8. The Fisherman The Fisherman

9. Dusty Lake Dusty Lake

10. Talus Walk Talus Walk

11. Dusty Mirror Dusty Mirror

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The Best Photos of Feb - 2014

The second month is already gone. I spent a considerable (4500 miles) amount driving back and forth to Utah in a short time period, so many of these were taken while driving, out the window or through the windsheild. My wife's mother passed away as well. Long and busy. Click through on any photo for more details.

1. The Dark Tunnel The Dark Tunnel

2. Becca Becca

3. Kemosabe Kemosabe

4. Heaven Above Heaven Above

5. Red Mountain White Red Mountain White

6. The Guardians of the Forest The Guardians of the Forest

7. Wedded Bliss Wedded Bliss

8. The Field of Dreams The Field of Dreams

9. The Shattered Sky The Shattered Sky

10. Passing By Passing By

11. The Golden Train The Golden Train

12. Clouds Ahead Clouds Ahead

13. Hills and Clouds Hills and Clouds

14. Blue Miles Blue Miles

15. State Route 20 - 93 - 26 State Route 20 - 93 - 26

16. And the Rain Fell And the Rain Fell

17. Those that bear Those that bear

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Best Photos of Jan - 2014

The Best Photos of Jan - 2014

The first month flew by and was at the same time super long. Click through on any photo for more details.

1. Winter Shadows Winter Shadows

2. Long Shadows ~ Bright Day Long Shadows ~ Bright Day

3. The Temple Above The Temple Above

4. Old Mason Creekscape Old Mason Creekscape

5. Morning Run Sun Morning Run Sun

6. Cedars and Tall Trees Cedars and Tall Trees

7. The Otherside The Otherside

8. Forgotten Needle Forgotten Needle

9. The Inside of Green The Inside of Green

10. The Field The Field

11. Glen Pops Freeman Glen Pops Freeman

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 New Years Plans

I can’t remember any of my 2013 resolutions, perhaps I made none.  The kind that have worked best for me are the ones that require daily practice, like my 1000 mile a year goal, which I haven’t done in several years; it kind of ended when we moved to China and I realized that my December months ended up being a stressful since I was focused on hitting the goal vs. enjoying the snow and the family. 

Perhaps the best things we do in life happen with serendipity, like the geek who set out to recreate a Vermeer paintingI seem to work best with goals, so here they are.

1) Buy Nothing

As in don’t buy anything for me. No pants. No shoes. No shirts. No socks. No cameras. No lenses. No jackets, no hats, no shoes or boots. No electronic gadgets, no books or music. 

We live in the era of excess necessity that turns into out of control want and consumption. Our lives are full of surplus where we have seemingly unlimited choices of things we need in quantities and variety that are unnecessary.  Choice is the hallmark of capitalism. We need shoes but we've got companies competing to help us choose the "best" and we are pummeled by constant reminders of what we need.  This usually ends up with us not appreciating all that we have; we are sated on the over saturation of abundance.  I was struck by this the other day walking around a store which was 65,000 square feet of shoes and there were row after row of women's boots. All to be bought and worn not out of necessity, but to make you look cute.  I'd wager no owner will be riding horses in them, or walking through muddy streets.  Not that there is anything wrong with looking cute, I appreciate my Pataguchi, I just feel a little out of balance and it seems most people never question why they consume.  It's only a question of "which one do you like better" and "will this look ok with my white jacket". So many in the world don't have clean water, let alone multiple shoes or jackets. 

Part of this is easy because I have everything I need but that's the also part of the point.  I therefore shouldn't need to buy anything in 2014.  And as I reviewed the list of things that I like to do and the things that I buy and the things I have : I have many of many things. 
  • I have more backpacks, tents, jackets, boots and running shoes (each) than fingers on one hand
  • I have three cameras - just the “big kind”, not mention that I have several GoPro of the past several generations
  • I have at least 3 sleeping bags, and that is just for me, not to mention the ones fro the rest of the family
  • I have more plaid shirts than there are days in two weeks
  • Trucker Hats - more than there are Fridays in a couple of months
  • I have more pairs of glasses than years in a decade (I’ve got a “free” pair every year for the past while)
I will of course still be buying lots of stuff.  Like food, and personal effects : deodorant and the like, but I think I even have enough toothpaste (three tubes) to last me all year.

2) De-clutter Email
In helping me achieve goal one of not buying stuff, I have gone through and unsubscribed myself from all the “buy this” or you “need this” type of crap emails that I don’t need. I’ve also gone through and gotten rid of all that guilty email that I get because I should read it but I never do, like do this exercise or eat this healthy food.

3) Create More
I take a lot of photos.  I “kept”, or at least didn’t throw away 16,650 photos in 2013, let alone all the ones I took but deleted. Of those I posted 1857 to Flickr, some of which were of “large” events like Trek where I posted 317 photos.  One thing I haven’t been doing very much, very very little of actually is printing photos. I will therefore every month print one 20 X 30 inch photo, get it framed (rather inexpensively, but not cheap) and give it away for free.  I’ll figure out the details of how to give it away later, but the first one will be coming up in January.

4) Don’t cut my hair for an entire year

Why? Why not? When was the last time you committed to something for a year?   Challenge with some guys at work.  Should be interesting.  Could be the year of the Hat.

5) Grow my Beard - Be Santa

This is gonna take some grooming of my beard and in December some dying it white.  Ever since Joe died, the greatest Santa I’ve ever personally known, I’ve been a bit let down by the church Christmas party Santas so I am gonna try it out myself.  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Fav's of 2013

My favorite photos that I took in 2013. I have two lists, one of portraits and one of everything else.  I chose one from each previous months.  Each month is linked to the best of for that month and each photo can be clicked on for more details.

Everything Else of 2013

January : The Wild Sea
The Wild Sea

February :  Moon Over Vancouver
Moon Over Vancouver

March : Dusty Lake
Dusty Lake

April :  The King The King

MayFire In the Sky Fire In the Sky

June :  Hood Sunrise Hood Sunrise

July : Eagle Creek Cliffs Eagle Creek Cliffs

AugustThe Roof Above The Roof Above

SeptemberMeadow Between Meadow Between

October :  Fog, Forest and Moss Fog, Forest and Moss

November : The Morning Moat The Morning Moat

December : Alpental Valley Alpental Valley

Portraits of 2013

January :  With Wind in Her Hair
With Wind in Her Hair

FebruaryFather and Son
Father and Son

March : Charles Griffith
Charles Griffith

April :  Project Lorraine Project Lorraine

MayThe Fine Print The Fine Print

June :  First of June First of June

July : The Women Gathered The Women Gathered

August :  Unsure Unsure

September : Cat Eyes Cat Eyes

October :  Mother and Daughter Mother and Daughter

November : The Blue Man The Blue Man

December : Merry Christmas Crazy Faced