Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Best of June 2014

Month by month time flies by. Now half the year is gone. Some more camping and celebrating 25 years Click through on any photo for more details.

1. Sofi Laughs Sofi Laughs

2. Nosh Nosh

3. jeffmo jeffmo

4. Rich Rich

5. da milano da milano

6. Pantheon Pantheon

7. The Pantheon The Pantheon

8. Au Pantheon Au Pantheon

9. Norte Dame at Night Norte Dame at Night

10. The River The River

11. Morning Along the Seine Morning Along the Seine

12. University of Paris University of Paris

13. Good Morning Paris Good Morning Paris

14. The Tower The Tower

15. Morning Streets Morning Streets

16. Shooting the Art Shooting the Art

17. The Ceiling of the Louvre The Ceiling of the Louvre

18. Sacré-Cœur Sacré-Cœur

19. Saint-Suplice Saint-Suplice

20. Evening Conversation Evening Conversation

21. Driving To The Sun Driving To The Sun

22. Triumphant Sunset Triumphant Sunset

23. Sainte-Chapelle Sainte-Chapelle

24. An Open Door
An Open Door

25. Watching the Bride Watching the Bride

26. Mason Mason

27. Jake Jake

28. Walking Out Walking Out

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Impressions of Paris

Sunset on Pantheon Stacey and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Paris.  Here are my thoughts on our trip.


  • It was cold!  Way colder than I thought.  We expected hot summer weather and while it was sunny beautiful 70 during day things got chilly with wind in morning or at night.  And foolishly neither of us brought jackets.
  • Scarfs - Parisisns would wear them to the beach with a bathing suit.  They are everywhere, no matter how hot.
  • Fashion - see note about scarfs.  But everyone has it, men and women.  American’s dress ugly by comparison.
  • Paris is a very beautiful city - Especially this historic sections, even the streets and houses are gorgeous. Their opaque white facades shine in the morning and evening light 
  • Despite that the streets in the morning smell like piss, due to the sitting on the steps drinking activities that go on in the summer evenings
  • Impossible to eat low carb - the baguettes, the croissants, the Pan Au Raisen etc etc
  • Everyone speaks French, not a surprise but it really makes me sound like a cretin speaking English 
  • "there is a strike right now..." Is a common phrase in Paris and it will impact your trip. For me my return train from Lux was cancelled and I had to wait 2 hours in the village of Mertz.
  • Parisians are nice, we didn’t meet a single rude person, from strangers on the streets to hotel staff, to taxi drivers to waiters.
  • They really do say "voila
  • They have a pharmacy every couple of blocks, with big neon green crosses; they seem to be as common as Starbucks on Seattle. 
  • My Allergies were bad - I sneezed and sneezed 

Where we Stayed

Hotel les Dames du Pantheon - Right across the street from the Pantheon.  Great location.

Where we Ate

  • Chez Julien - nice French restaurant near Notre Dame - great location and very good food
  • Cafe Procope - oldest cafe in Paris - I had the calf's head stew, very flavorful but a little too much texture in the neck skin for me, though I did eat the tongue.  The French Onion Soup was amazing.
  • Auberge Saint Roch - - probably one of our best meals we had. The salads were so good and our pan friend sea bass was fresh and yummy
  • Yachts De Paris - amazing, fancy 4 course meal on a boat at night on the Seine.
  • Gaudeamus - a small cafe near the Pantheon with great solid French food

  • Ristorante Terra Nova - a delicious Italian place just around the corner from our hotel
  • Boulangerie Patisserie - small bakery a block from our hotel with delicious pastries
  • Levinqui Danse - modern French food - not bad, not amazing

  • What We Did

  • Musee D' Orsay
  • Musee D' Oranjerie - or as I call it : The Church of Monet
  • The Louvre - you'll get lost, your feet will hurt, you'll walk forever
  • Eiffel Tower - skip the line tour - elevator to the first level and then waited in line for elevator to the top level.  The wind was whipping up high and we were cold, bit airy going up all exposed like that.
  • Museum of the Medieval Age - amazing 1500’s tapestries of The Lady and The Unicorn

  • The Pantheon
  • Notre Dame - Dawn Patrol in the morning
  • Church of Saint Sulpice
  • Church of Eustache
  • Sainte-Chapelle - mind glowingly beautiful stain glassed soaring architecture
  • Dinner Cruise on The Seine with Yahcts De Paris
  • Arc D Triomphe - ticket to the top to watch the sunset
  • Big Bus tour riding around through the historic section
  • Hotel Invaledes - Napoleon's Tomb (from the outside)
  • Scare Coer - Dawn Patrol to watch the sunrise

  • Media

    Monday, June 02, 2014

    Best of May 2014

    May is gone. One of the best Springs I've ever seen in Seattle. I went camping three weekends. Click through on any photo for more details.

    1. Good Morning Good Morning

    2. Hope Hope

    3. A Walk in the Woods A Walk in the Woods

    4. People of the Pacific North West People of the Pacific North West

    5. The Cutest Kitten The Cutest Kitten

    6. The Stuart Range The Stuart Range

    7. Cup of Hot Cup of Hot

    8. Bowtie for Mom Bowtie for Mom

    9. Cascade Ridgeline Cascade Ridgeline

    10. Sunset from Kachess Sunset from Kachess

    11. Roasting Roasting


    13. Sunset Smug Sunset Smug

    14. The Evening Sets The Evening Sets

    15. Green Series 1 - Arms Green Series 1 - Arms

    16. Green Series 4 - The Path Green Series 4 - The Path

    17. Follow the Light Follow the Light

    18. Sunlit Ferns Sunlit Ferns

    19. Line Drive Line Drive

    20. Mason Mason

    21. Mr. Plaster Mr. Plaster

    22. Happy Memorial Day Happy Memorial Day

    23. Up through the Trees Up through the Trees

    24. Toward the Headwall Toward the Headwall

    25. Along the Headwall Along the Headwall

    26. Upper Melakwa Valley Upper Melakwa Valley