January -  The year started off busy!  Two weeks of travel around the world and then everything crammed into the last week catching up.  (Click through any photo for more details)

My favorite video from Januaray : On New Years Day

Favorite Video

 1. For the Love of Trees

2. New Years Day

3. The Long Shadow

4. Mason Falls

5. Miles Smiles

6. Amazon

7. Glorious Guye

8. Lundin and Red's Shadow

9. The Alpine Lakes Peaks

10. The Spaceship Rom

11. Shillim Peak

12. The Plateau

13. The Burning Sun

14. Infinity Pool

15. Leaving Bombay

16. Winging Out

17. Winging Out

18. The Beard Brothers

19. Golden Tokyo

20. The City of Japan

21. The Coastal Range

22. The Beams of Day


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